For the first time in my life I know that I can change anything and I don't need to believe or feel anything that doesn't serve me!! My eyes are full of tears just writing that! You've given me the best gift Shawn ... You've given me freedom! Freedom from myself! Xoxoxox
- Christina Stang, Calgary

Shawn's insight and understanding of how thetbsawyer@gmail.com inside of us (thoughts and emotions)  and the outside of us (Physical fitness training) cooperate and support each other. Once understood, building the physical body becomes an easier process and naturally motivating for a well rounded mind and body lifestyle change.
- September Dohrmann, President & COO

“Driven, knowledgeable, supportive, motivating, and 100% committed, just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Shawn. If you need a trainer and want the results a healthy lifestyle, pure hard work and dedication bring, look NO further because they don't make them any better then him."
- Melanie Fehr,

"I've been following Shawn now for a couple of years and only just over three months ago I decided to purchase his online fitness package. I committed myself to following his plan on an extreme level (that's how my work colleagues saw it) I believed in Shawn the whole way. I can honestly say this is the best shape I've ever been in. I'd like to thank Shawn on a personal level one day and look forward to working with him in the future."
- Rajat Sharma,

“I'm so excited to see the results, and to gain the knowledge of how to do this right :) you've been the best coach i could have ever asked for. You've pushed me to my potential, and when i've struggled mentally along the way, you've been there within seconds to keep me motivated, and now, my mentality has changed forever. I BELIEVE in your way of training and living. Transformation is not just of my physique, but my whole outlook on life. I don't even know how I could thank you enough dude. Your a special person.”
- Patrick Fromat,

Got the whole family on the plan!!! Husband has lost 10-15 lbs of whatever it is and he is back in his 34" waist and couldn't break through. I'm in size 4/6 depending on clothes and much less puffy looking!
- Julie Muller and family,

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your inspiration. You have given me the courage to do something that fits me. When I followed your interior program for that month I lost 12lbs of whatever garbage it was and felt strong! It was an eye opener for me!!!!
- Jesse M. ,

I began this as a way of other people noticing me and complimenting me. But it's completely different now. The body I get is a bonus. I'm appreciating things more now. I know this sounds weird but this saved my life. I don't know if you know how far I'd let myself fall into depression and blackness. Everything is different now. The reason I text you and thank you all the time is because honestly you've changed my life already. You said you would and you've kept your word. I can never thank you enough for this. It's gone beyond being fit or muscular for me.
- Vinny,

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