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I began this as a way of other people noticing me and complimenting me. But it's completely different now. The body I get is a bonus. I'm appreciating things more now. I know this sounds weird but this saved my life. I don't know if you know how far I'd let myself fall into depression and blackness. Everything is different now. The reason I text you and thank you all the time is because honestly you've changed my life already. You said you would and you've kept your word. I can never thank you enough for this. It's gone beyond being fit or muscular for me.
- Vinny,

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Welcome to The Workout of Your Life!

Welcome to the place where personal fitness training meets personal transformation! How many of you are totally happy with the direction your life has taken? Did you know that there's a way to be incredibly fit, completely happy, and entirely capable of changing the course of your life? Better yet, did you know that you can do it in a truly natural and healthy way?

If these are the questions you've been asking yourself, then I have the solution for you!

You see, I've been searching for these answers my entire life - and it took complete and utter failure to make me truly dig for the answers to these and many other questions.

If romantic relationships or parenting issues are where you're challenged, stay tuned. If you're looking for a career that inspires you or hoping to lose 15 pounds, keep reading. If you want to gain strength or love and respect the person you see in the mirror, then click the button below for more information!

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