5 Ways To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Transformation

Posted on 11/29/15 2:41 AM

There are two difficult phases inside every transformation. The first is realizing that you need to make one. The second is finding the motivation throughout the transformation in order to follow through. If you're reading this article, then chances are you have at least realized that you need to make a transformation, and that's the first hurdle. Now comes the real work, and there are going to be many times when you will want to quit and go back to your old ways. To help you through this part of the process, below are 5 ways that can help you stay motivated, so that you can reach the total transformation that you are after.

  1. Set Small Goals – You are not going to make a complete transformation overnight. While it is essential to have long-term goals to aim for, you also need to have short term ones. Set daily and weekly goals for yourself, so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you meet them. If you only have long-term goals, they are always going to seem out of reach. But if you inch towards them with smaller goals, then you can notice the progress you are making along the way.

  2. Track Progress – In order to see if you are meeting those small goals, you have to track your progress. Whatever kind of transformation you are trying to make, find a way to track your progress. As an example, if you are working on upper body strength, track your reps and weight each week so that you can see the number growing. That way when you start to feel unmotivated, you can look back and see how far you come. When you don't track your progress, your memory will distort your starting point, and it will feel like you have not come far at all. This is why tracking progress is so essential to staying motivated during a transformation.
  3. Reward Yourself – In the end, your transformation will be its own reward. But until that point, it is a good idea to give yourself small rewards along the way. Did you make it to the gym every day this week? Give yourself a piece of candy. Run your first 5k? Go get a massage. Set your reward before you start your next small goal so that you have a little extra motivation to finish it. Keep your rewards reasonable, and they will help propel you forward. 

  4. Remember Why You're Transforming – Your primary source of motivation is going to have to come from within. Recognizing that you needed to make a change was a large first step, so you need to use that energy to fuel you. Write down exactly why it is you felt you needed a change, then look back and remind yourself whenever you are feeling unmotivated.

  5. Get A Support Group – Lastly, in order to stay motivated throughout your entire transformation, you are going to need supportive people around you. This can be your friends and family, who want to see you reach your goals and complete the transformation, or it can be someone who is also making a similar transformation. Find people who will motivate you to continue reaching for your goals each and every day. By having these people around you will have someone else to be accountable to besides yourself. While you may let yourself slide sometimes, your support group will not. You don't need to go through this transformation alone, and in fact, it's better if you don't. 

There are plenty of ways to stay motivated throughout your process. We recommend trying out at least a few of the ones mentioned above, and seeing which ones work best for you. You may think at the beginning of your transformation that will-power will be enough to power you through the entire process, but that is usually not the case. You are going to have to find some other sources of motivation on those tough days where you just want to stop. Hopefully the suggestions above will give you those sources, and you can reach the lifestyle you are aiming for. Good luck!


Source: https://flic.kr/p/7ds9Qj

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