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Shawn T. McIntyre is the founder and CEO of Shawn T. McIntyre Fitness. He is a professional fitness competitor, international cover model, published author and corporate health and wellness trainer who offers online training as well. When Shawn started his career as a fitness model, he focused solely on his appearance while other aspects of his life suffered drastically, including his business, relationships, and overall well-being. Shawn finally recognized his need for a total transformation from within. Since that change, Shawn has been helping and inspiring people to take action with clarity and power — not fear. He coaches clients to help them achieve success in fitness and life.

If you recognize a need for change, but are afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone then keep reading, because once you make the conscious decision to make a change, you have to deal with the struggles of following through with that decision. This will take three steps to succeed: 1) Need for support and guidance even after deciding to change your mentality. 2) High Intensity. Creating momentum to change unhealthy lifestyle habits, including a poor diet, obstructive environments, a lack of workout plans, and little commitment. 3) High repetition to recondition yourself with the success habits that work.

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